Landfillbiogas 4.0

EXE designs, builds, and runs plants for the collection of landfill biogas, through an automated regulation of biogas extraction wells.

Switching from manual to automated regulation allows biogas to be monitored and valves to be adjusted at short intervals, permitting the entire system to be adapted to changing conditions inside and outside the landfill.

The regulation logics are designed to increase the collection of biogas and maximize the concentration of methane, so as to avoid its dispersion into the environment and use it for the production of renewable energy.

Result: up to 70% increase in biogas collection.

Software and control models

Our know-how for the management of biogas collection wells has been translated into software capable of providing indications on how to regulate the valves of each well.

The information are collected in monitoring models and displayed through simple and intuitive dashboard, thanks to which it is possible to identify anomalies, malfunctions, and supplying for maintenance interventions.

We also provide models to quantify condensate formation in collection lines and to calculate landfill permeability.

Result: a safer and more efficient plant, with greater control of its operation and lower emissions of biogas and odors.

Biogas management models.
Biogas production models.
Condensate production models.
Landfill permeability models.
Interactive models for landfill 3D representation.

Plant design and verification

Our services are aimed at plant revamping and the design of new plants where the energy and technological component is the essential part of the process.

Upgrading of biogas.
Liquefaction of biomethane (LNG).
Cogeneration and trigeneration.
District heating networks.
Thermal power stations.
Air treatment.
Heat recovery systems.
Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB).

Incentives, consulting and project management

EXE provides assistance for complex projects related to energy and environmental aspects, guaranteeing their management according to Project Management standards and offering support on facilitation and incentives so as to make investments more convenient.

Energy management and monitoring.
Energy master plans and area sustainable development.
ISO 50001, ISO 14001, EMAS, ISO 9001 certifications.
Energy communities and closed distribution systems.
Practices support with Autorities for the various incentive mechanisms.
Carbon credits and CO2 compensation.

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